Sabtu, 26 September 2009


This article will describe the various of peoples, that is the peoples who believe, who reject faith, and who do not really believe. God (Allah) said about the peoples who believe, when God said about The Holy Qur'an.
God said, "This is the Book (The Holy Qur'an); in it is guidance sure, without doubt, to those who fear God. Who believe in the unseen, are steadfast in prayer, and spend out of what God have provided for them. And who believe in the Revelation (The Holy Qur'an) sent them, and sent before they time, and in their hearts have the assurance of the hereafter. They are on true guidance from their God, and they are will prosper" (Qur'an, 2:2-5).
Meanwhile, the peoples who reject faith have character that it is the same to them, whether you (moslem) warn them or do not warn them, they will not believe. God has set a seal on their hearts, and on their hearing, and on their eyes is a veil. God also said, that there is a great punishment for them.
On the other side, on this era many peoples who do not really believe live in the world. They say, "We believe in God (Allah) and the last day", but they do not really believe. Fain would they deceive God and those who believe, but they only deceive themselves, and realize it not. In their hearts is a disease, and God has increased their disease, and they shall have a painful, because they are false to themselves.
When moslem said to them, "Make not mischief on the earth," they say, "Why, we only want to make peace!" Of a surety, they are the ones who make mischief, but they realize it not. When moslem said to them, "Believe as the other believe, " they say, "Shall we believe as the fools believe?" Nay, of a surety they are fools, but they do not know.
When they (the peoples who do not really believe) meet those who believe, they say, "We believe, " but when they are alone with their evil ones, they say, "We are really with you. We were only jesting." God will throw back their mockery on them, and give them rope in their trespasses, so they will wander like blind ones. These are they who have bartered guidance for error, but their traffic is profitless, and they have lost true direction.
Their similitude is that of a man who kindled a fire. When it lighted all around them, God took away their light and left them in utter darkness. So they could not see. They deaf, dumb, and blind, and they will not return to the path.
Another their similitude is that of a rain-laden cloud from the sky. In it are zones of darkness, and thunder and lightning. They press their fingers in their ears to keep out the stunning thunder-clap, the while they are in terror of death. The lightning all but snatches away their sight, every time the light helps them, they walk therein, and when the darkness grows on them, they stand still.

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kometen mengatakan...

Hi friend, Peace... Your article is very thought-provoking. I think many people nowadays can not believe what their parents and grandparents thought. So they are very confused. Thanks...

Anonim mengatakan...

thanks for visiting my blog again. Hope you are doing alright. God bless you. -Erika


Dear Kometen, and Erika.
Thanks for your comment.

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