Jumat, 30 April 2010


Allah (God) has said, that Allah has perfected for human sustenance, through Islam (see The Holy Qur'an 5:3). Therefore, mankind should be grateful to Allah, by studying and implementing Islamic values in everyday life, as the main values or the ultimate values. In addition, in order to preserve the Islamic values, need to put up some members of society to study Islam seriously (see The Holy Qur'an 9:122).

Thus, human beings have the opportunity to confirm themselves with the straight (in truth) to Allah (see The Holy Qur'an 30:30). This is important because it contains Islamic religion, which according to the nature of human or human condition.

This is evident from the substance that Islamic values a valid and reliable, as noted in The Holy Qur'an 112:1-4, which contains human commitment, that: (1) God is Allah, the One and Only; (2) only to Allah, human expect and ask for something; (3) Allah does not give birth, nor is begotten, and; (4) there is nothing equivalent with God.

Allah has commanded in The Holy Qur'an 4:34, "The man is the leader for women." This message does not indicate, that man can be a dictator, but ordered the execution of a responsibility to men. The man responsible for everything that was in its responsibilities.

When he was married, then he is responsible to give every needs of this family. Therefore, if there is a wife out of the house to earn a living in order to meet the needs of families then the question to be asked, "How far her husband's efforts, in meeting the needs of the family?" Similarly, if a child out of the house to meet the needs of families, then the question to be asked, "How far his/her father's efforts, in meeting the needs of the family?"

If the answer is, "Husband/father effort is not on the maximum effort!" Surely the man (husband/father) belonging to a man who worst. He has violated The Holy Qur'an 4:34, and he has been neglecting his responsibilities. He has caused the exploitation of wife/child in his family. As such he has damaged the norm of society, because it failed to organized and manage his family, which is part of the community (Islamic community).

Alvin Toffler (1991) states, that the world has experienced three major waves of change, namely: First, the agricultural era (consisting of the stone age, and iron age); Second, the industrial era, and; Third, the information age.

So, the world of moving and changing quickly, which unfortunately tends aimlessly. This is due to the more anthropocentric humans, so the more arrogant, or feel most knowledgeable on all matters, including the values of life. One thing that people forget, that the anthropocentric attitude is an attitude not very intelligent.

Gordon Dryden and Jeannete Vos (2001) states, that the world is moving very fast. Man and women lives in the midst of a revolution of life. But unfortunately, in each country few people who knew, how to deal with the change. Those who do not know, how to deal with the change immediately trapped in the demoralization and despair.

Allah has warned in The Holy Qur'an, that is because they are a people who do not want to use their minds (see The Holy Qur'an 5:58).

Jumat, 23 April 2010


Sebagai muslim, kita menghormati Mbah Priok (Habib Hasan bin Muhammad Al Hadad) yang lahir tahun 1727 di Palembang, dan dimakamkan tahun 1756 di Priok. Kita menghormatinya sebagai ulama, sehingga kita keberatan ketika makam beliau akan digusur.

Sebagai muslim, kita juga menghormati dan berempati atas nasib saudara-saudara sebangsa, tepatnya kepada mereka yang dikenal dengan sebutan "Cina Benteng", yang bermukim di bantaran Cisadane. Mereka telah ada di lokasi itu sejak tahun 1740, setelah berhasil meloloskan diri dari pembantaian Pemerintah Hindia Belanda di Batavia.

Sebagai warga negara Indonesia, saudara-saudara kita tersebut (Cina Benteng) telah memenuhi kewajibannya, antara lain dari kesediaan mereka membayar pajak. Kita menghormati mereka sebagai saudara sebangsa, dan sebagai sesama umat manusia. Oleh karena itu, kita juga keberatan ketika mereka digusur dari lokasi tempat tinggalnya.

Allah SWT menyatakan, bahwa:
Pertama, Umat Islam harus berpikir, bersikap, dan berperilaku adil, sebagai konsekuensi atas predikatnya sebagai "umat pilihan" Allah SWT (lihat QS.2:143).
Kedua, Umat Islam harus menetapkan hukum dengan adil (lihat QS.4:58).
Ketiga, Umat Islam harus berlaku adil, sebagai suatu bentuk kebajikan (lihat QS.16:90).
Keempat, Allah SWT menyukai orang-orang yang berlaku adil (lihat QS.49:9).

Minggu, 18 April 2010


Why are people still reluctant to give thanks to Allah (God)? Maybe because it was still covered with arrogance, or some humans are still firmly embrace anthropocentrism (all human centered). These are facts that must be faced by every moslem with patience, and hard work.

Armed with a tabligh (informative) spirit, every moslem should not be discourage in explaining to the world about the Islamic values. This is a logical consequence of moslem, as rahmatan lil'alamiin (to give optimum benefit in the universe).

Every man or women knows, that since the first Rasulullah (The Prophet Adam) until the last Rasulullah (The Prophet Muhammad) there is always a mentoring program from Allah for man or women. Furthermore, after The Prophet Muhammad died, Allah change the program, from mentoring to guidance (The Holy Qur'an and The Hadist or the lesson from attitude and behavior of The Prophet Muhammad). Therefore, if there are still people who reject the Islamic values, it is his or her choices are concerned, and he or she of course will be held accountable to Allah.

The Islamic values teaches that God is Allah, The One and Only, but humans astray argue with promoting atheism or the absence of faith. Atheism embraced by human beings astray until today, although conceptually this ideology has been undermined by a conception of Islam.

The adherents of atheism in the 19th century developed by: First, the Steady State Theory, which stated that the universe was static, not created, there by itself, and no beginning and no end; Second, the Evolution Theory, which stated that the physical living beings (include humans) evolved by itself in order to survive.

Ironically, when science and technology rapidly evolving, misguided humans remain reluctant to acknowledge that God is Allah. This misguided humans with a variety of reasons and was doing his own trickery, just to bring people back to paganism (idolatry), that because many of this "gods" (starting from dead matter to humans) then developed into polytheism (worship many gods).

To support modern paganism and modern polytheism, misguided humans are conveying a false conception that can be called, "the Social Analogy Theory", which stated that the God life likes human life. Therefore, adherents of the Social Analogy Theory stated, that God is married, has a wife, and had children (the Son of God).

Based on these facts, is proper if every moslem would seriously attempt to explain Islamic values in the world. In the 19th century some scholars or scientists have to understand:
First, the Big Bang Theory, which proves that the universe does not exist by itself, but were created by something Substance Almighty;
Second, the Intelligent Design Theory, which proves that there is intelligent design in the universe, so it is known that every creature has been designed in a final physical or complete;
Third, the Absolute Power Theory, which proves that something called God if this Substance is Almighty, and that something is God Almighty when this Substance is the One and Only;
Fourth, the Social Differentiation Theory, which proves that human life is different with God life. This theory supported by Allah words in The Holy Qur'an 112:1-4.

Jumat, 09 April 2010


Allah SWT berpesan, "Dan jangan sekali-kali engkau mengatakan terhadap sesuatu, "Aku pasti melakukan itu besok pagi," melainkan hendaklah mengatakan, "insyaAllah," dan ingatlah kepada Tuhanmu (Allah). Namun jika kamu lupa, maka katakanlah, "Mudah-mudahan Tuhanku (Allah) akan berkenan memberiku petunjuk yang benar" (QS.18:23-24).

Kata "pasti" (termasuk "memastikan", "dipastikan", dan "kepastian") hendaklah tidak digunakan oleh seorang muslim, kecuali untuk hal-hal yang telah dipastikan oleh Allah SWT, seperti adanya surga dan neraka, adanya hari akhir, dan lain-lain yang bersumber dari Allah SWT. Dengan kata lain, yang berhak memastikan sesuatu hanyalah Allah SWT, sedangkan manusia tidak berhak memastikan sesuatu. Seorang manusia hanya berhak menyebut "insyaAllah" (bila Allah berkenan) bagi sesuatu yang akan dikerjakannya, atau untuk hasil yang diharapkan dari ikhtiarnya.

"InsyaAllah" memiliki makna adanya keyakinan yang kuat, bahwa Allah SWT Maha Berkehendak atas segala sesuatu yang dikhtiarkan oleh manusia. Seorang manusia juga mengetahui, bahwa dirinya berada dalam penguasaan dan pengawasan Allah SWT. Manusia yang bersangkutan hendaknya berupaya untuk tawadhu (siap menerima dengan ikhlas dan rendah hati) atas segala sesuatu yang menjadi ketentuan Allah SWT. "InsyaAllah" juga menunjukkan kemampuan seorang manusia, dalam mengharmonisasikan antara ikhtiar yang sehebat-hebatnya dengan kemampuan berserah diri kepada Allah SWT.

Sekali lagi, hendaknya seorang muslim berkenan mengganti kata "pasti", "memastikan", "dipastikan", dan "kepastian" dengan kata "insyaAllah". Setiap muslim hendaknya belajar dari sejarah atau kondisi Indonesia dari masa ke masa. Bukankah sekitar tahun 2000 muncul kembali trend penggunaan kata "pasti", "memastikan", "dipastikan", dan "kepastian"? Namun ternyata di Indonesia tidak ada yang pasti.

Buya Hamka dipenjarakan oleh Pemerintah Orde Lama dengan alasan telah berdasarkan hukum yang pasti, padahal hukum itu mendzalimi. Habib Husein Al Habsyi dipenjarakan oleh Pemerintah Orde Baru dengan alasan telah berdasarkan hukum yang pasti, padahal hukum itu mendzalimi. Habib Rizieq dan Abu Bakar Ba'asyr dipenjarakan di era reformasi dengan alasan telah berdasarkan hukum yang pasti, padahal hukum itu mendzalimi.

Pada 2010 Komisaris Jenderal Polisi, Susno Duaji, dengan "izin" Allah SWT berkenan mengungkapkan, bahwa hukum di Indonesia sarat permainan. Beliau mengungkapkan oknum-oknum kejaksaan, kepolisian, dan pengadilan yang mempermainkan hukum di Indonesia. Fenomena ini menunjukkan, bahwa tatanan sosial bangsa ini dikelola dengan menggunakan hukum yang tidak pasti.

Oleh karena itu, setiap muslim hendaklah berikhtiar dengan sungguh-sungguh agar ia dapat berperan sebagai pejuang kebenaran (mujahiddin), contoh atau teladan yang baik (uswatun hasanah), pioneer kebajikan (assabiquunal awwaluun), pencerah bagi yang dalam kegelapan (sirajan muniran), dan memberi manfaat optimal (rahmatan lil'alamiin). Dengan demikian, insyaAllah Bangsa Indonesia dapat melalui masa-masa sulit ini (ketika hukumnya mendzalimi), menuju suatu masa yang baik dan penuh kebajikan (ketika hukumnya adil, mencerahkan, dan mensejahterakan). InsyaAllah...