Minggu, 18 April 2010


Why are people still reluctant to give thanks to Allah (God)? Maybe because it was still covered with arrogance, or some humans are still firmly embrace anthropocentrism (all human centered). These are facts that must be faced by every moslem with patience, and hard work.

Armed with a tabligh (informative) spirit, every moslem should not be discourage in explaining to the world about the Islamic values. This is a logical consequence of moslem, as rahmatan lil'alamiin (to give optimum benefit in the universe).

Every man or women knows, that since the first Rasulullah (The Prophet Adam) until the last Rasulullah (The Prophet Muhammad) there is always a mentoring program from Allah for man or women. Furthermore, after The Prophet Muhammad died, Allah change the program, from mentoring to guidance (The Holy Qur'an and The Hadist or the lesson from attitude and behavior of The Prophet Muhammad). Therefore, if there are still people who reject the Islamic values, it is his or her choices are concerned, and he or she of course will be held accountable to Allah.

The Islamic values teaches that God is Allah, The One and Only, but humans astray argue with promoting atheism or the absence of faith. Atheism embraced by human beings astray until today, although conceptually this ideology has been undermined by a conception of Islam.

The adherents of atheism in the 19th century developed by: First, the Steady State Theory, which stated that the universe was static, not created, there by itself, and no beginning and no end; Second, the Evolution Theory, which stated that the physical living beings (include humans) evolved by itself in order to survive.

Ironically, when science and technology rapidly evolving, misguided humans remain reluctant to acknowledge that God is Allah. This misguided humans with a variety of reasons and was doing his own trickery, just to bring people back to paganism (idolatry), that because many of this "gods" (starting from dead matter to humans) then developed into polytheism (worship many gods).

To support modern paganism and modern polytheism, misguided humans are conveying a false conception that can be called, "the Social Analogy Theory", which stated that the God life likes human life. Therefore, adherents of the Social Analogy Theory stated, that God is married, has a wife, and had children (the Son of God).

Based on these facts, is proper if every moslem would seriously attempt to explain Islamic values in the world. In the 19th century some scholars or scientists have to understand:
First, the Big Bang Theory, which proves that the universe does not exist by itself, but were created by something Substance Almighty;
Second, the Intelligent Design Theory, which proves that there is intelligent design in the universe, so it is known that every creature has been designed in a final physical or complete;
Third, the Absolute Power Theory, which proves that something called God if this Substance is Almighty, and that something is God Almighty when this Substance is the One and Only;
Fourth, the Social Differentiation Theory, which proves that human life is different with God life. This theory supported by Allah words in The Holy Qur'an 112:1-4.

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