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All prophets from Adam until Muhammad (peace be upon them) came to preach the same religion, which continued to grow and grow, until it reached perfection at the hand of The Prophet Muhammad. This man (The Prophet Muhammad) bring Islam from God to humans.

Islam is true religion ordained by God, and the only religion prevailing over all other religions. Most people know that The Holy Qur'an is the holy book on Islam. The Holy Qur'an is a human guidance book to live and life in the universe (world). Moslems grant a very high place of honor to The Holy Qur'an in their mind, hearts, and lives.

The facts have proved that The Holy Qur'an is held to be flawless completely unassailable in what it says, and both in fact and doctrine.

Because of this completeness and perpection, Islam had to become the ultimate religion, the final religious revelation from God to mankind, and superseding all previous belief system.

Unity of mankind is an essential of the fundamental Islamic concept of “the God is one”, and then mankind is also one. The distinctions created by nationality, race and color are artificial and have no place in a religion, which stands for human brotherhood. The Holy Qur’an clearly states that people were created as one nation, but became divided because of their differences (Qur’an, 10:19). Conflicts of interest, prejudices, exploitation and misuse of power have taken their toll in dividing mankind.

However, the ultimate objective of Islam is to reunite all of them (Qur’an, 11:119). Islamic values have the concept of dual ownership: First, the concept of ownership by human being. Second, the concept of ownership by God (Allah). The divine ownership is coupled with repeated The Holy Qur’an to the effect that all of humanity benefits from nature’s resources.

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"Conflicts of interest, prejudices, exploitation and misuse of power have taken their toll in dividing mankind."