Minggu, 28 November 2010


Allah (God) says, that should the Children of Israel (to read: The people of Israel or the Jews) think about the pleasure of Allah to them (see QS.2: 47), when they were rescued from the cruelty of the King of Egypt, Pharaoh (see QS.2 : 49). Allah save them with extraordinary way (beyond the pleasure of Allah to other nations), when The Prophet Moses split the sea to the Children of Israel who were being chased by Pharaoh's army (see QS.2: 50).

Not easy to understand Israel, because of its uniqueness. When talking about "Israel" our minds focused on the Jews (which in the Qur'an is called by the name "Children of Israel") which established the State of Israel by way of seizing land owned by Palestinians. Therefore, in order to understand Israel objectively (in truth), then we must learn from the source of Truth, ie Allah (God).

Furthermore, in order to grace of Allah to the Children of Israel, Allah also give to the Children of Israel (through The Prophet Moses) a Book (Guidance), namely: The Holy Torah (see QS.2: 51). But the Children of Israel lied to Allah to keep idolize calf (see QS.2: 54). Even in the present context, the Children of Israel with a very brave (very ungodly) replace the role of the Torah with the book that they choose to, namely "The Talmud".

Allah also allow the Israelites to enter The Baitul Maqdis (Palestine) with humility, as a guest which respected by Palestinians (see QS.2: 58). But the harmony becomes corrupted, when the Children of Israel changed the order (lower heart) by doing things which Allah commanded (see QS.2: 59). Harmony between the guests (the Children of Israel) with the host (The Palestine) on Palestinian land becomes difficult to implement, because the Children of Israel against the Palestinian.

Disharmony in the land of Palestine was immediately exploited by the big countries which at that time, to attack and control the land of Palestine. Uniquely, without a sense of gratitude to the Palestinian nation, the Children of Israel are not willing to help Palestinians whose land is being attacked by other countries. Children of Israel would prefer to do the diaspora (fled to various countries).

More unique again, when the British occupied Palestinian land, the Children of Israel in collaboration with the British, make Israelites to migrate en masse to Palestine since 1920, to establish the State of Israel on Palestinian land. The crime was the Children of Israel had achieved in 1948 with the establishment of the State of Israel on Palestinian land.

Israelites crime getting worse, because after the establishment of the State of Israel they have strong support from the United States until now. This can be understood, because factually, the United States of America was hegemonic by Children of Israel are organized in various Jewish lobby.

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