Minggu, 26 Desember 2010


Islam is a complete and comprehensive religion. The comprehensiveness available in Islam is not found in any religion of the world. This is because there is not a single moment in the life of man i.e. from his first breath till his last breath in this world, wherein Islam has failed to provide any command for his benefit.

Islam has explained the simplest and the most ordinary things of life. Islam has provided direction for keeping and clipping nails, manners for entering and exiting the house, the etiquette for sitting on dining cloth, picking up a morsel and even chewing the morsel. Also, it has been explained where a person should look while having his food, while reciting prayers or while walking on the road... In brief, Islam has explained each and every aspect related to human life. There is not a single affair of humans which has been neglected by Islam.

On one hand, Islam has given the explanation of each and every necessity of human beings; on the other hand, the commands are in their simplest form so that they can be acted on very easily. The Prophet Muhammad said: “I have brought simple and easy Shariat (laws).” Therefore, all the rules of holy Islam are easy to act upon. Also, Allah has not put any obligations on man which are beyond his capacity to fulfill.

The question before us is that - when Allah has not made anything binding on a human which is beyond his capacity and Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) has brought simple and easy Shariat - then why is it difficult for us to act on the laws of Islam? And why is worship associated to few things?

The most important reason for the above is not being aware of the laws of Islam and the other significant reason being negligence. We have not paid heed to the fact that Islam has provided laws for each and every aspect of human life. This negligence is the cause of our not knowing the laws of Islam.

Islam has condemned heedlessness and ignorance. Islam has ordered people to refer to scholars for things about which they are ignorant. The scholars have been ordered to make the reality of things clear to those who inquire from them. Allah has never kept the earth void of His Proof so that people may contend that if they would have known the command they would have definitely acted on it.

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