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The core of moslems identity are their status as worshippers of God (Allah). God said through The Holy Qur'an (51:56), that God have only created human (man and women) that they may serve (worship) God (Allah). This is make every moslems are focused to create a benefit for the universe, or to create humanity in the world.
Now, compare with the act of West Government (USA, NATO, and Israel) who destruction of humanity in the world. Look at this fact: First, continously devastating condition of Palestinians, who have robbered their land by Israel (the tyrant and unjust and ilegal authoritizing). Second, USA and NATO invations on Afghanistan (2002 until now) and Iraq (2003 until now) had destruction and killings of several hundred thousand moslems people of Afghanistan and Iraq. Third, evil treatment of prisoners by USA Military in Abu Ghraib (Iraq, 2004) and in Guantanamo (Cuba Region, 2003 until now) are some of the major factors which have turned the world into a lawless and unjust.
Thought, attitude, action, and behavior of USA, NATO, and Israel government has destruction and killings several hundred thousands moslems people of the world. This is the fact, that humanity are fall in the world. God (Allah) has stated in The Holy Qur'an (5:48), "And to thee. We have sent The Book (The Holy Qur'an) in truth. This Qur'an confirming the scripture that came before it, and a witness over it."
The Holy Qur'an confirming, that The Comforter on The Holy Bible (The New Testament, John 14:16 and 15:26 and 16:7) is The Prophet Muhammad, who bring Islamic values to create humanity in the world. The Islamic values respect of human life, as The Holy Qur'an lays down, "Whoseover kills a human being without any reason, like man slaughter or corruption on earth, it is as though he had killed all mankind" (QS.5:32).
If we compare The Holy Qur'an lays down, with The USA, NATO, and Israel government behavior in the world (which based their religion), we know that the world need Islamic values, because humanity had fallen in the world by the act of USA, NATO, and Israel government.
The world need humanity, the world need The Comforter, the world need The Prophet Muhammad, and the world need Islamic values (look The New Testament, John 14:16 and 15:26 and 16:7).

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Anita C. McCants mengatakan...

Hi Aristiono,
Thanks for visiting my blog,
and commenting.

My response to this post
is that we pray for peace.

Andrew Miles mengatakan...

I am happy to hear you found my post interesting.
I read your post & even though I don't know you, I respect you & therefore your words.
However, I do not agree with what you write... and am deeply sadened by your perspective, which seems born of hate.
We are all God's children & all equally loved.
If I may leave you with this one thought...

GOD commands no one to hate.
The only enemies we have are the ones we ourselves create.

I wish you peace


Dear friend, Anita C. McCants and Andrew Miles, thanks for your comment.
Like Anita write, we pray for peace...
And, like Andrew Miles write, God commands no one to hate...
I agree with your comment, but I see the difference fact in Palestine, Afghanistan, and Iraq, which make me sad.
But, I always love peace, and hope the world be better.

oldaartanddesign mengatakan...

Thank you for taking the the time to read my blog.

We may have differant views but I hope we have love in common. As the past two commenters have noted, love and peace are indipensible. There is much to be said about love.

TJ Murphy mengatakan...


I think that intercultural dialog of this sort is very important, and I appreciate that you invited me to look at your blog. If you've read mine, you must be aware of my stance as a rationalist, so you will understand that I disagree with you on certain points.

I share your desire for peace, but I do not believe that religion is the path to peace. Further, I believe that cultures will be able to engauge with eachother peacefully only when they both agree to make descisions based upon empirical evidence.

In other words: when we believe only the things we see with our eyes, we will know truth. We must not accept things that other people tell us without seeing the truth for ourselves.

TJ Murphy mengatakan...

When we believe only in the things we see with our eyes will we know the truth. Only when we find truth ourselves will we know peace.


Dear friend, Oldaartand and TJ. Murphy, thanks for your commen.
I know we have difference perspective about peace. But I hope we could be friend.

Likes Chocolate mengatakan...

Thanks for visiting my blog. You should try the recipe. It is yummy. Peace be with you. Despite our different religious opinions may we realize that we have more in common than differences.