Jumat, 26 Februari 2010


If moslems are not critical, they can be fooled by writings of Francis Fukuyama titled "The End of History and The Last Man" (1992), which describes the victory of Capitalism and Liberal Democracy (CLD) against Communism and the Socialist (CS). If moslems are not critical, so they can be fooled, as if CS collapsed because of superior values CLD.
Actually, really not the case. CS collapsed, because of the fragility of the values championed and practiced. Uniquely, the vulnerability is also present in the values championed and practiced by CLD.
The battle between the CLD with CS, is like a boxing match between two people suffering from malnutrition. These two boxers will both fall due to starvation (hunger core values). In other words, these two boxers are equally vulnerable (vulnerability of conception), and not worthy of boxing (in competition).
One boxer (CLD) claims to have managed to knock the other boxer (CS). Indeed, the other boxer (CS) collapsed due to hunger, not because of being punched by his opponent (CLD). Then boxer who claim to be the winner (CLD) fell after the announced as the winner, as well as starvation.
So CLD and CS both fell, because of hunger (hunger primary values), not because each drop. Thus, there is no great CLD (Capitalism and Liberal Democracy).
Indeed, CLD synonymous with the tradition of darkness, when the Islamic values is not detected by humans. It is not the conception of the glorification of capital owners, which one human against another human being, the economy of interest, voting in a set way of error, adultery, worship man by man, and the forms of other error has been there since long ago (age of darkness). Thus, there is no great in CLD (Capitalism and Liberal Democracy).
Therefore, Allah (God) says, "That was a people who have past, what it has earned for him, and you (moslem) what you earn, and you will not be questioned about what responsibility they have done" (Qur'an 2:141).
Based on the words of Allah is known, that the people who apply the Islamic values (moslem) are the people of today. While, people who are not willing to apply the Islamic values are the people of the past.
If at the present there are people (or society) are not willing to apply the Islamic values, then it is the past people (or society) who live today. They are not the people (or society) actually present, because they follow the values are the past (the values before Islamic values come).
People of the past failed to understand the truth, not willing to worship Allah, in arranged damaged of social interaction, and do not have manners to conduct to use (see the violence by NATO, USA, and Israel in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Palestine). This is because they reject the Islamic values, as stipulated in The Holy Qur'an and Al-Hadith.

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