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"God is Allah, the One and Only. Allah is God, on whom all depend. Allah begets not, and nor begotten; and none is like Allah" (source: The Holy Qur'an 112:1-4).

This declare will being a power (energy) for Palestinians (moslems) to resist and against Israelis (the ultimate evil) violence. This declare also give strong motivation for Palestinian to live and life in "God land" (Palestine). Every moslem in the world had known that Israelis (the ultimate evil) had killed millions Palestinian. This evidence has proved the truth of God said in The Holy Qur'an 2:120 and 114, that Israelis is the ultimate evil in the world.

Palestinians are prayer five times a day, include Friday prayer (one time a week), that make Palestinans have communicated with God. In his or her prayer, Palestinians face toward Mecca (for common direction) to worship God. In verse of The Holy Qur'an (3:19) God states, "The only religion in the sight of God is Islam." Islam is Palestinians religion which give strong motivation against the violence (dark behavior) of Israelis.

Islam is a simple, reasonable, practical religion, and free from priestcraft and the above charge. It is away of life for the social, moral, and transcendental development of humanity. It does not demand of man to surrender his reasoning faculties, nor does it demand a blind faith in obscure and inexplicable mysteries. It teaches the purest form of monotheism and regards polytheism as an unpardonable sin.

We are (moslems) support Palestinians to against the Israelis violence.
We are knows about the Israelis violence.
We are knows about the Israelis worst.
We are knows about the ultimate evil, that is Israelis.
Thanks for Palestinians, thanks for your fight.

May 31st 2010, Israeli soldiers attacked a convoy of several ships of humanity, which carry aid (food, medicines, and building materials) for Palestinians in Gaza, which has been blockaded for 3 (three) years by the Nation of Israel. One of the ship of humanity, namely "Marvi Marmara" (700 passengers), attacked Israeli soldiers who fell from a military helicopter. As a result 19 people were killed, and 100 volunteers were wounded. The whole ship is a ship in such convoy unarmed and humanitarian.

This event is proof of barbarity Nation of Israel, which is always done to the nations in the world since 1910, when the Protocol of Zion (Israel's Plan for Mastering the World) has the public known. At present, Israeli savagery is always perceived by the Palestinians, whose land was seized by the Nation of Israel. For those Palestinians who remained in the West Bank (West Bank) and Gaza, the Israeli blockade want to kill them slowly through starvation, disease, and periodic military attacks.

Initially the Nation of Israel, are the slaves of the Pharaoh (King of Egypt). Moses freeing the Nation of Israel from the slavery of Pharaoh, when the Nation of Israel promised to Moses and God to do good on earth. But in the course of history, the Nation of Israel is not willing to do good, even the people of Israel are planning to colonize the whole world and other nations.

Israel's barbarous plan contained in the Protocol of Zion, finally revealed to the public in 1910. The result is a clash between the Nation of Israel with the nations of Europe, particularly Germany. In the 1930s the Nation of Israel seeks to take control of Germany, by establishing the State of Israel in Germany. This is what ultimately makes Adolf Hitler's rage, and finally in 1939, Adolf Hitler attacked the Nation of Israel, and countries that protect the Nation of Israel. This was carried out Adolf Hitler, because the Nation of Israel is also planning the same thing for the German Nation.

Evidence of the truth of Protocol of Zion, and the Nation of Israel plans outrage against European nations, can be viewed in the context of this moment, when the Nation of Israel do barbarity against the Palestinian Nation. This is the outrage Nation of Israel, this is barbarism of nation of slaves. History of the Nation of Israel as a nation of slaves, are genetically has carried all time, and a black stain their behavior.

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i am just trying to understand the message of islam...if everyone sins how does anyone get to Jannah? do you believe that we as humans can earn our way? i do believe Jesus is the Son of God and that He died in our place meaning he took the wrath of God that we deserved...even if we do our best in this life to do everything God wants us to do, without Christ's sacrifice i would still deserve hell, everyone would...what is going to stop God from putting us all down there, if Christ did not die for us?

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by the way, i like your fish:)