Sabtu, 29 Agustus 2009


God (Allah) said, "O mankind! God created you from a single soul, become male and female, and made you into nations and tribes, so that you may come to know one another. Truly the most honored of you in God's sight is the greatest of you in piety. God is All-Knowing and All-Aware" (Qur'an, 49:13).
About the wealth, many peoples know, that God who provided wealth to the person, made a portion of it for the poor, so the poor have a right over one's wealth. Love of wealth is natural, and it takes firm belief in God for a person to part with some of his wealth. The whole concept of wealth is considered in Islamic values as a gift from God. The true owner of things is not man, but God.
God said, "You who believe! Give of the good things which you have honourably earned, and the fruits of the earth, which God have produced for you" (Qur'an, 2:267).
In Islamic values, a person must give, provide, or supply the other people of the good things, which he have honourably earned. Giving charity to those who deserve it is part of moslems character. Giving charity is considered to purify one's heart of greed. It is an obligation for those who have received their wealth from God, to respond to those members of the community in need. Islamic values emphasizes feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and helping those who are need.
Moslem peoples in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Palestine need help from the other moslems. They have oppressed by USA, NATO, and Israel military. God calls on those who obey God to stand up for the rights of the oppressed. Islamic fighters in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Palestine want to protect and help the peoples from oppress by military of USA, NATO, and Israel.

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i love islamic values , it is similar with catholic beliefs, too.

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