Sabtu, 18 September 2010


When Jewish and Israeli Government talk about "holocaust" in World War Second in 1939 to 1945, or in NAZI era, indeed that is not true, not truth, or not right. Holocaust is only Jewish and Israeli Government story as an argument to occupied the Palestinians land, and oppressed the Palestinian peoples. Although, NAZI and its activities organized by Germany peoples (Hitler and his friends), not by Palestinian peoples, and not by moslem peoples. Hitler and his friends is Christians.

Holocaust is only his story, and not history. In World War Second, knows that 6 millions Jewish peoples has died, but 54 millions Non Jewish peoples has died. Holocaust is only his (Jewish and Israeli Government) story, because Jewish and Israeli Government had done holocaust to Palestinian peoples from 1920 until now.

Like in NAZI era, now in the Palestinians land, Palestinian peoples are arrested, kept for months or even years in Israeli prison, by Israeli Occupation Soldiers. The present humanitarian disaster in the Palestinians land would be deepened by the ongoing Israeli blockade. Palestinian peoples could not go from this oppress, and then they have deep poverty, disease, and malnutrition.

Meanwhile, in Jewish settlements in and around the West Bank town of Hebron, Jewish settlers were seen dancing in an apparent expression of joy the tragedy in Palestinians land. Jewish settlers in Hebron wielding automatic rifles attacked Palestinian peoples, and vandalized Palestinian properties, in full view of Israeli Occupation Soldiers, who looked on passively. Moslem peoples all over the world knows, that Jewish settlers and Israeli Government are bunch of criminals, who are committing all sorts of crimes against humanity.

In Palestinians land, innocent civilian of Palestinian peoples were dying by Israeli Occupation Soldiers. Bakeries were stopping making bread, and the hospitals were cold as electricity generators stopped due to fuel shortages. Yet, USA Government, under the influence of Jewish lobby (who has occupied USA and USA peoples), always veto an UN Security Council condemning such crimes.

Palestinian Moslem Fighters said, "Put your trust in Allah (God), not in the UN or other disbelieving entities. Allah had said, "Certainly, the help of Allah is near!" Look The Holy Qur'an 2:214 please!" Then, moslem peoples in the world responded this fight and faith. They have done something, against occupied and oppressed by Israeli Government (who supported by USA Government) in Palestinians land. Moslem peoples in the world have done something, that is: pray, boycott, and support Palestinian Moslem Fighters.

Moslem peoples in the world boycott all "made in Israel" and "made in USA", to protest what is happening to the Palestinian peoples in the Palestinians land. It is the only way, that moslem knows to share the hurt, that the Palestinian peoples are suffering. Moslem peoples in the world have conscience to help Palestinian peoples, to bring Israeli Government oppression there to an end, and make concerted effort to inform the whole world about their plight, until there is no more oppression.

Moslem peoples all over the world should pray to Almighty, Allah, for God mercy for Palestinian peoples. May Allah see them through as they fight (in faith) for their right and freedom. Moslem peoples appeal for every moslem to pray for those moslem fighters in Palestinians land, who killed by Israeli Occupation Soldiers, and its brutal zionist army (like NAZI special force).

This action plus boycott all "made in Israel" and "made in USA", at least moslem peoples do for the Palestinian peoples, who are suffering under Israeli Government (like Hitler Government), who supported by USA Government. Moslem peoples all over the world pray for Palestinian, and hope that Allah will help Palestinian peoples.

For new conscience: Now, moslem peoples all over the world know that holocaust is not true, not truth, not right, and not history. Holocaust is only Jewish and Israeli Government story. Holocaust is only his - story.

Jewish and Israeli Government has forgotten that they are only human. As human Jewish and Israeli Government must do best as human. But now, Jewish and Israeli Government has claimed that they are evil. As evil Jewish and Israeli Government destroy many village and city in Palestinian land, kill million Palestinians, and occupied the Palestinian land.

As a human, peoples must be knows, that the human body resembles a huge factory made up of many small machines that work together in perfect harmony. But most people do not think about how these basic actions take place. Just as all factories have a designer, an engineer, and a planner; the human body has an Exalted Creator.

For examples, when food is received into the stomach, the ability of the gastric juices to break down food is effectuated as a result of series of chemical change. During the secretion of this dissolving acid, the stomach wall simultaneously have to produce the secretion called "mucus". The acid in the stomach would destroy the stomach. Therefore, in order for life to continue, the stomach must secrete both fluids, acid and mucus, at the same time. Furthermore, an Exalted Creator of the human body (and the universe) is God (Allah).

God said, "O mankind, God have created you from a male and female, and have made you into nations and tribes, for you to know one another. Truly, the noblest of you with God is the most pious. Truly, God is All Knowing, and All Aware" (QS.49:13).

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, "O peoples! Your God is One, and your forefather (Adam) is one. An Arab is not better than a non Arab, and a non Arab is not better than an Arab. A red (i.e. white tinged with red) person is not better than a black person, and a black person is not better than a red person, except in piety."

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