Minggu, 23 Januari 2011


Law is the primary religious science in Islam. Once committed to Islam, the believer’s overriding concern and question is “What do I do? what is God’s will?"

Law is essentially religious, the concrete expression of God’s guidance (Shariah, path or law) for humanity. Throughout history, Islamic law has remained central to moslem identity and practice, for it constitutes the ideal social blueprint for the good society.

The Shariah has been a source of law and moral guidance, the basis for both law and ethics. Despite vast cultural differences, Islamic law has provided an underlying sense of identity, or a common code of behavior for moslem societies.

As a result, the role of Islamic law in Muslim society has been and continues to be central issue for the community of believers. For the moslem community, following the Shariah of God meant obedience to God’s continuing revelation and to His Prophet.

Issues of worship, family relations, criminal justice, and warfare could be referred to The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) for guidance and adjudication. Both Quranic teaching and Prophetic example guided and governed the early Islamic state.

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