Senin, 19 Oktober 2009


Allah (God) said, "Hi Israel peoples! Call to mind My favor which I bestowed on you, and be faithful to your covenant with Me. I will fulfill My covenant with you. Me alone should you be afraid. Believe in what I have revealed (The Holy Qur'an), that verifying which is with you (The Holy Torah), and be not the first to deny God (Allah), neither take a mean price in exchange for My guidance (The Holy Qur'an). Me alone should you be afraid" (Qur'an, 2:40-41).
Allah give warning statement to Israel peoples (include Israel government) to do not mix up the truth with the falsehood, nor hide the truth while they know it. This warning statement confirm Israel government lies about holocaust, or "holocaust lies". When Jewish and Israel government talk about holocaust in NAZI era, or World War Second in 1939 - 1945, indeed that is not true, not truth, or not right. Holocaust is only story as an argument to occupied the Palestinians land, and oppressed the Palestinian peoples.
Although, NAZI and its activities organized by Germany peoples (Hitler and his allied), not by Palestinian people (moslem peoples). In World War Second, knows that 6 million Jewish peoples has died, but 54 millions non Jewish peoples has died. Like in Nazi era, now in the Palestinians land, Palestinian peoples are arrested, kept for months or even years in Israeli prison, by Israeli Occupation Soldiers.
The present humanitarian disaster in Palestinians land would be deepened by the ongoing Israeli blockade on fuel, and food supplies. The Palestinians peoples could not go from this situation, and they have deep poverty, disease, and malnutrition.
In Jewish settlements and around the West Bank town of Hebron, Jewish settlers were seen dancing in an apparent expression of joy over the tragedy in Gaza Strip. Jewish settler in Hebron wielding automatic rifles attacked Palestinians and vandalized their property, in full view of Israeli Occuption Soldiers, and who looked on passively. Jewish settler and Israelis are bunch of criminals, who are committing all sorts of crimes against humanity.
In Palestinian land, innocent civilian of Palestinians were dying by Israeli attack. Bakeries were stopping making bread, and the hospitals were cold as electricity generators stopped due to fuel shortages. Yet, USA government, under the influence of Jewish lobby, always veto an UN Security Council condemning such crimes.
So, Allah command to Israel peoples to accept the Islamic values. They must keep up prayer, and pay the poor-rate, and bow down with moslems who bow down. Allah ask in warning sounds to Israel peoples, cause they enjoin men to be good, and neglect them own souls, while they read The Holy Torah.
Allah command to Israel peoples to seek assistance through patience and prayer in Islamic values. Most surely it is a hard thing, except for the humble ones, that is the human who accept the Islamic values, and who know that they shall meet their God (Allah), and that they shall return to Allah.
Allah said, "Hi Israel peoples! Call to mind My favor which I bestowed on you, and that I made you excel the nations. But be on your guard against a day, when one soul shall not avail another in the least, neither shall intercession on its behalf be accepted, nor shall any compensation be taken from it, nor shall you be helped" (Qur'an, 2:47-48).

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Thanks for visiting my friend. I spent several months in Palestine last year and am very moved by the injustice caused there. I look forward to talking with you more in the future. Peace.