Jumat, 30 Oktober 2009


Allah (God) always says to Israel peoples (include Israel government), to call them mind about Allah favor, which Allah bestowed on Israel peoples. Allah said, "And remember please, when Allah delivered you (Israel peoples) from Pharaoh, who subjected you to severe torment, to killing your sons, and sparing your women, and in this there was great trial from your God" (Qur'an, 2:49).
Qur'an 2:49 has evidenced, that Israel peoples must be remember Allah favor. So, they must be neglect the violence like Pharaoh. But in the real life now, Israel people think, attitude, and behavior similar with Pharaoh, who had never obey The Allah Command (The Holy Qur'an).
Look at Israel government action to Palestinian peoples. They (Israel Soldier) killed Palestinian people, to occupied Palestinian land, and build Israel State on Palestinian blood. Israel government action have many similar with Pharaoh action, and now, in modern era, Israel government action have many similar with Hitler and Nazi action.
In Pharaoh context, remember when Allah parted the sea for Israel peoples. Allah saved Israel peoples, and drowned the follower of Pharaoh, and Israel peoples watched by. But, now, Israel Soldier killed Palestinian peoples, to occupied Palestinian land.
Allah appointed a time of forty nights with The Prophet Moses (peace be upon him), then Israel peoples took the calf for a god after The Prophet Moses do, and Israel peoples were unjust. But, then Allah pardoned Israel peoples after that, so that they might give thanks. So, Allah gave The Prophet Moses "The Holy Torah", as the distinction that Israel peoples might walk aright. But now, Israel peoples was delete "The Holy Torah" from their think, attitude, and behavior. Now, Israel peoples useful "Talmud" (not from God) to construct their think, attitude, and behavior.
The Prophet Moses said to Israel peoples, "Hi Israel peoples! You have surely been unjust to yourselves by taking the calf for a god. Therefore turn to your God (Allah) penitently, so kill yourself. That is best for you with your God. So, Allah turned to you mercifully, for surely Allah is the Oft-returning to mercy, and the Merciful" (Qur'an, 2:54).
But, Israel peoples said, "Hi Moses! We will not believe in you, until we see Allah manifestly" (Qur'an, 2:55).

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