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Western classical economics is based on the idea of unlimited needs of individuals who face limited resources. The classical homo economicus is a rational and calculating person who seeks to maximize his happiness (utility). Individuals search for happiness is represented by an emotionless cost - benefit analysis of their decisions. More importantly, happiness is usually measured by meterial means.

Many cases were give many evidence that "material means" (natural resources) had turned the world into a lawless, and unjust, and had destruction moslems region, and killing of several hundred thousand moslems people. Look at this evidence:

, continously devastating condition of Palestinians, who have robbered their land by Israel (the tyrant, unjust, and ilegal authorizing) since 1948.

, USA and NATO invation on Afghanistan (since 2002 until now) and Iraq (since 2003 until now), and create "puppet government" in Afghanistan an Iraq, had destruction moslems village and killings of several hundred thousand moslems people of Afghanistan and Iraq.

, evil treatment of prisoners by USA Military in Abu Ghraib in Iraq (2004), and Guantanamo in Cuba region (since 2003 until now) are some of the major factors which have turned the world into a lawless, and unjust.

Thought, attitude, action, and behavior of USA, Israel, and NATO government to destruction moslems region, and killing several hundred thousand moslems people of the world, have described about their religion quality.

For this, God (Allah) punish their with economic collapse in 2008. The Holy Qur'an is explicit in this regard as God (Allah) has stated, "Truly, the religion on the sight of Allah is Islam" (Qur'an 3:19).

In another verse of The Holy Qur'an, God (Allah) has stated, "And whosoever desire a religion other that Islam, never will it accepted of him/her, and in the hereafter he/she will be in the ranks of those who are lost" (Qur'an 3:85).

God (Allah) has stated in The Holy Qur'an, "And to thee. We have sent The Book (The Holy Qur'an) in truth. This Qur'an confirming the scripture that came before it, and a witness over it" (Qur'an 5:48).

Islamic economics, unlike its Western counterpart, is a value driven discipline replete with moral values that limits individual's consumption, and imposes significant social and religious responsibilities on individuals as guardian of the natural environment for future generations.

Islamic economics is a value driven discipline. Individual moslem's choices are subordinate to the collective interests of a larger Islamic community. Accordingly, the collectivist social and religious norms of Islam guide the economic behavior of individual moslems. Hence, homo Islamicus, unlike its counterpart homo economicus, must be a paragon of values.

Islamic economics begins with the abundance of resources and assumes the limited needs of individuals. Accordingly, the problem of scarcity in classical economics is due to unnatural assumption of unlimited needs created by artificial means such as advertising.

Islam imposes legal and moral restrictions on totality of human behavior, including individual's needs. Islam as a comprehensive way of life, embraces the totality of moslem's conducts, including their economic transactions. Individual moslem's freedom is always bounded by his/her social and religious responsibilities.

Moslems are free, but they a responsible to God (Allah) and other moslems for their actions. As a result, freedom and responsibility are the two sides of one coin in Islam. Social and religious responsibilities are the constraints imposed on moslems behavior, including their economic behavior.

Islamic norms of behavior such as justice (Qur'an 5:8), moderation (Qur'an 17:29), charity (Qur'an 57:7), and waste avoidance (Qur'an 7:31) are the restriction that are meant to change the innate selfish nature of man to altruistic and compassionate economic behavior.

Hence, homo Islamicus, unlike its counterpart homo economicus, must be a paragon of values.

Who is moslems people? They are the man and womens who pray five times each day. They attend their mosques or places of worship each week (on friday). They fast during Ramadhan and try to perform a pilgrimage to the Ka'bah in Mecca (Saudi Arabia) at least once in their lives.

As moslems, they have a book called "The Holy Qur'an". This book is the word of God (Allah). The Holy Qur'an lays down, "Whoseover kills a human being without any reason like man slaughter, or corruption on earth. It is as though he had killed all mankind" (Qur'an 5:32).

Although Islam is regarded as the youngest of all revealed religions, it is not a new religions, but continuation of the first religion of God (Allah) to man, purged, and purified, time after time, from all human adulterations, and restored to its original purity.

Thus all prophet from Adam to Muhammad (peace be upon them) came to preach the same religion, which continued to grow and grow until it reached perfection at the hand of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

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