Jumat, 27 Februari 2009


In the name of God (Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala), the Most Compassionate, and the Most Merciful. Asallamu'alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, which is equivalent in English, "greetings of peace".
We are going through some very difficult time, when west relations with moslem have polarized. Continously devastating conditions of Palestinians, who had tyrant and unjust authoritizing by Israel. USA invations on Afganistan (since 2002) and Iraq (since 2003), had destruction and killings of several hundred thousand moslem people on Afghanistan and Iraq. Evil treatment of prisoners by USA military (on Abu Ghraib in Iraq, and on Guantanamo in Cuba Region) are some of the major factors which have turned our world into a lawless, and unjust global village.
I hope we will be a step to undo the lawless and unjust global village. We will to undo the stereotypes, and help inspire a contructive and sincere interaction. The Holy Qur'an could inspiring to return harmonize west world and moslem world interaction.

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Ranch Chimp mengatakan...

Greeting's Mr.Nugroho. I wanted to visit your blog...if you recall, you visited my blog. I am not a religious man who follow's any particular religion. I have some friend's who explained the basic's of Islam to me who migrated here from mostly Morocco. Yes, we have had misunderstanding's...and as you know...a small portion/sect of muslim's had basically declared war on the USA, but I certainly know that most muslim's dont agree. I actually agree with this post to a degree...even though I am pro-America. For one... I think we have a strong difference in culture. I do agree when it comes to the action's of the west. I never did like how our country goes into other countries and tell them how to live and foster our culture on them...I see this as nothing but because of the love of money,and I am against it. I believe that our government strictly does much, not to help peoples of the globe...but just to try to keep low wage labour flowing for corporation's, and there is a lack of honesty...not to just people abroad,but even to the American peoples.I think we should be more honest with our foreign relation's abroad,and less of trying to influence or trying to democracize other's to our way of thinking. I have also understood the Palestinian situation, and do believe that a Palestinian State should be established, but this constant fighting back and forth cannot do it. Even if Israel restrain's from attack...and Hamas decides to continue to attack...then of coarse it is natural to isreal to retalite. Personally thinking...I dont feel it was important to set up a State of Israel to begin with in the region...there is a large cultural difference...and I believe that globalization will come naturally over time...not being forced amongst the peoples just for oil or business reason's.
I could talk.talk,talk...but I will shut my mouth now. hank You for your visit.